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1st Parent Meeting Overview

Parent Coaching
No parent coaching. This allows kids to focus on coach’s direction and consistent training within the system we train and minimizes confusion on the field and internal conflict of whom to listen.

We are focus on the development of players and their roles within the system of play, we encourage versatility among players to play different roles within the system we use and focus on a diamond concept of possession and patience on the pitch and strike when the opportunity presents itself.

Vacation Schedule – Please notify me of your planned vacation dates.

Expectations: Learning skills, progress in ability and mental play, teamwork, fun during trainings. Commitment

Commitment:  Every player’s attendance to practices and games plays a vital role to building cohesive play, teamwork and knowledge of the game. One expectation we touched on was teamwork, thus attending practices, games, and team functions will be a key to building a strong foundation for team building trust, respect, and understanding of each other’s individual type of play.

Success:  How we define success to our player will define how they view and how they play. Winning is not everything. Improvement, learning the system, and more about the game are successful aspects of every player.


  1. Manager:  Dianna and Andrea
    Handles the administrative duties – Game cards, Roster Cards, tournament applications and check-in, any other team forms.
  2. Treasurer: Raoul
    Handles the financial affairs for the teams, tournaments, fundraising, and monies for game referees.
  3. Photographer (multiple volunteers): Tom, Bill
    Take pictures of games, tournament, and other team activities
  4. Uniforms: Valerie
    Cleaning, Collecting, and Maintaining uniforms
  5. First Aid: Katie
    Bring Ice and a First Aid kit to every game.
  6. Fundraising:
    Organize functions, or lead in creative brainstorming to facilitate the acquisition of funds to reduce the cost for any team expenditure.
  7. Tournament Volunteer Coordinator: Laura
    Coordinate and schedule parents for their volunteer hours the club has mandated, these are the 10 hours from you, the parents, that Nott’s asks for in the red information packet.
  8. Flag and Bench Person:  Alicia
    To bring the Nott’s Flag and Bench to every game

Practices: times or days are SUBJECT TO CHANGE, please pay attention to your emails and texts for any changes. Occasionally practice may be held at La Jolla Shores. If you will miss a practice, please notify me and the manager. 

  1. April: 2x a week (Thursday [Skills & Cond.4/18- 6/22] 5:30-7:30 Saturday 8:00-11:00a)
  2. May: 3x a week (Wednesday 5:30-7:00pm Thursday [Skills & Cond.4/18- 6/22] 5:30-7:30 Saturday 8:00-11:00a)
  3. June: 3x a week (Wednesday 5:00-6:30pm and Thursday [Skills & Cond.4/18- 6/22] after 6/22 same as Wednesday, Saturday 8:00-10:00a)
    i.      TEAM CAMP 6/24-6/28 5:30-8:00p
  4. July THRU January: 3x a week (TBD Saturday 8:00-11:00a) First week of JULY is off. Practice resumes the 6th, Saturday.

Tournaments – Approximately 4-5 tournaments with a few options (we will need to determine what tournaments based on availability, these are some in mind currently)… would like 2 out of town tournaments.

    1. May:  26th-27th Memorial Day (depending on # of  team entry we may play)
    2. June: 8th-9th Manchester Cup (5/8)
    3. July: Week of the 4th of July will be off until Saturday the 6th
    4. August: 17th–18th  RSF Attack (7/14) or West Coast, PRACTICE CHANGES, Presidio Season Begins
    5. September:  Aug 30th – 1st Labor Day Cup
    6. November: mid –month High School begins/ Presidio ends
    7. December: 14th-15th OC Tournament of Champions
    8. January or February: Vegas Showcase
    9. April: TBD State Cup



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